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Identity Management

kakak ai app allows you to do a quick onboarding and a simple E-KYC process so that your official identity is verified in the shortest time possible. This allows you to manage your personal identity profile details which will help you to apply as an Indonesian Migrant Worker (IMW) or seek for jobs. The trusted digital identity also allows you to perform all the secure transaction needs in your life as a migrant worker overseas.

Receive Trusted News

Indonesian migrant workers can expect to receive news from trusted sources which are official or reputable organizations. This protects migrant workers from disinformation, particularly around moments of jeopardy. You will appreciate trustworthy news as popular social platforms have been seen as the channels of fake news.

Get notified from Official Announcements

Indonesian migrant workers can expect to receive official announcements regarding their welfare. You will receive first hand news when it comes to learning about upcoming benefits that applies to you. This keeps you well informed about you are entitled to. We do our best to protect your worker rights.

Get Social Support

Working overseas can be at times daunting and lonely. If you face any abuse or mistreatment, be assured that help is available. You will be safe. Reach out to the local NGOs for social support. We bring the help you need to you. Support is just a call away.

Upskill with Resources

coming soon

Indonesian migrant workers can learn through resources in the kakak ai app. We provide short videos for you to learn what you need to. Further learning resources of various topics will be made available to you.

For employers, you can get more information regarding hiring a foreign domestic worker. Topics include what you need to do before, during and after a successful work permit application.

Real-Time Chats

coming soon

Chat directly with official NGOs, Embassies and Manpower Agencies when you need to. You can state your enquiry or request to the right organisation at your convenience. The support is there for you when you need to.

Insurance coverage

coming soon

We have partnered with a telemedicine provider that offers an extensive coverage for personal accident and term life insurance. Providing healthcare services, benefits and protection for all Indonesian migrant workers. Offering fast and easy way to submit claims.  

Gift vouchers

coming soon

Our partnered company offers gift voucher from categories such as Food and beverage, Entertainment, Online > Grab Food, Fashion, Health, Toys, Household, Travel, Sport and Supermarket

Travel Light, comes with a built-in Digital Wallet

Receive money or salary, send money to others easily via remittance or into a digital account (wallet).

Top-up Wallet

Receive Money or Salary

P2P Transfer

Pay Utility Bills Overseas 
(coming soon)

Instant Remittance

Top-up Wallet

A dedicated digital wallet will be opened for you. Simply top-up your digital wallet with a local bank transfer. Your digital wallet is then ready for use. Going cashless will make future payments easy!

Receive Money or Salary

Receiving salary can now be made visible to you and your employers with traceable transactions. Simply use kakak ai app with your employers to ensure that your salary can be made on time. Payslips will be provided with successful salary transfers. With the salary deposited to your digital wallet, you can now build credit score which increases your credibility.

P2P Transfer

Peer to Peer payments within the Anak Indonesia ecosystem.

You can now transfer to your peers’ digital wallets via mobile number and via QR code. Simply search your existing contacts on your mobile number or scan the QR code from your friend’s kakak ai app. Going cashless makes life easier.

Instant Remittance

Send money instantly abroad back to your loved ones in Indonesia. Use your digital wallet to add beneficiary and initiate an instant remittance. We provide the one of the lowest transfer fees in town.

You can now remit money to Indonesia’s common banks. Our list of comprehensive Indonesia banks includes BRI, BNI, CIMB and Mandiri.

Pay Bills In Indonesia

coming soon

Indonesian migrant workers can make payments for services back in Indonesia for their loved ones.

Anak Indonesia provides self-served features where you can use your digital wallet to pay for your utility bills in Indonesia, even when you are working overseas. Bill payments includes Internet, Telephone and Electricity services for Indonesia’s major providers.