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User Reviews

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“After kakak ai, I found it easier to send money to families in Indonesia and I am very grateful because customer service's response was very good.”

Yeni Susanti

kakak ai app user

“Hello, my name is Sri Wahyuni, I am one of kakak ai's users. I am happy with kakak ai's application. For every remittance to Indonesia, the exchange rate is very high (good) and the transaction fees are not too expensive. Good luck for kakak ai.”

Sri Wahyuni

kakak ai app user

“kakak ai app has been a valuable companion for me as an Indonesian working abroad. Its user-friendly interface, vibrant community, and practical services have greatly contributed to my overall satisfaction. I highly recommend this app.”


kakak ai app user

“kakak ai is the best remittance app i ever seen ... it's easy to used simple and always give rate higher then the other.. Thanks kakak ai you makes my life easier ☺.”


kakak ai app user

“Thank God, kakak ai really helped us, rupiah fighters, to make it easier to send money to Indonesia with a very good rates, kakak ai is the best 😍😍😍 waiting for kakak ai to come back 😆.”

Siti Khomsatun

kakak ai app user


Utilising and implementing cost effective financial technologies with the most advanced and efficient software operating systems to enable those in need to access services and promote inclusive prosperity.


We will achieve this by​ offering a trusted & inclusive ​digital mobile application ​dedicated to fellow ​Indonesians living and ​working overseas to​ stay connected with Indonesia ​and loved ones.

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Anak Indonesia has a marketplace that allows Employers to tap on our qualified talent pool of motivated and committed Indonesian Migrant Workers (IMW).

Anak Indonesia ensures training and social support are in place, where Employers can have a peace of mind, as the migrant workers have the support and environment that cares for their well being to create an effective and happy worker.

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